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Video Results for New Car Purchase Tax Deduction 2013

New Car Sales Tax Deduction 2012, 2013
by HarborFinancial - 9/7/2010
New Car Sales Tax Deduction 2012, 2013
Tax Tips & Information : About Tax Deductions for a Hybrid Car Purchase
by ehowfinance - 3/15/2009
Tax deductions for a hybrid car purchase must meet several criteria generated by the IRS. The car must be on a qualified list of hybrid cars, and it must be ...
How to Claim Your Car Donation Tax Deduction for 2012, 2013
by DonateACar2Charity - 12/28/2011
Car Donation Tax Deduction 2012, 2013 - www.donateacar2charity.com - Confused about how to claim your car donation tax deductions for 2012? When you donate a...
The New 2009 Tax Deduction for Car Buyers
by TurboTax - 12/30/2009
If you purchased your new vehicle between February 17, 2009 and December 31, 2009, you can deduct the State sales tax under the Auto Assistance ...
New Car Tax Credit - Quick-Tips Video - NewCars.com
by newcars701 - 8/19/2009
- Take advantage of the New Car Tax Incentive program enacted by the government to help consumers purchase ...
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